On the Trail of Henry Hudson

and our Dutch Heritage Through the Municipal Seals of New York (Second Edition)

 Marvin Bubie’s interest in the history and iconography of county, city and town seals of New York State led him to create this wonder ful volume. The artwork on these seals allows us a brief introduction to the political, economic and social structure of these communities largely bordering the Hudson River. As we celebrate the 400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson’ s discovery, we can be grateful to Mr. Bubie for compiling this information for future generations to learn from and enjoy.
— Kathryn T. Sheehan, Rensselaer County Historian


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The Hudson River Valley  of New York State has a unique Dutch heritage expressed in many ways, including through the official seals and logos of counties, towns, cities and vvillages.  In the seals in this book you will find windmills, illustrations of a 17th century ship, unique Dutch names – Rensselaer, Watervliet, Stuyvesant, Yonkers, Kinderhook, etc.  400 years after Henry Hudson and 345 years after the Dutch formally relinquished claim to New York, The Dutch influence is both subtle and pervasive.

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ISBN: 978-0-9856926-5-o

88 pages, 7.5″  x 9.25″, softcover

color interior, illustrated


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