Celebrating the American Revolution

Municipal Symbols of a Free Country

(Cover: Celebrating the Revolutionary War)

“The American Revolutionary War had an improbable ending for the civilized peoples of Europe as the farmers and woodsman in North America defeated the greatest superior power since the Roman Empire – Great Britain.  That victory gave birth to a Republic with the precept that ordinary humans could live free without a king or queen or aristocracy. Today America still represents the best hope for humanity because this is a nation where humans can rise to their God-given potential.  I applaud Marvin Bubie for compiling and editing this masterpiece.”
— Chris Gibson, Member of Congress, New York’s 20th District

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So you think you know the American Revolution?

What does the Revolution have to do with municipal seals in America?

Who is that rider on horseback on the Tewksbury MA seal warning that the British are coming?  Hint – it is not Paul Revere.

Who is that rider on horseback on the Closter NJ seal riding to warn George Washington that the British are coming?  Hint – it is not Paul Revere.

Who is that rider on the Town of Kent, NY seal who warned the militia that the British were coming to burn Danbury CT?  Hint – it is not Paul Revere.

What city was founded in 1778 by a Revolutionary War hero and named in honor of the French monarch and has traditional symbols of France on its original seal?

Where did a three day ox roast in the one year anniversary celebration of the victory of Saratoga take place?  The house Washington used as his headquarters is displayed on the seal.

What battle was won (and the battle monument displayed on the seal) by Americans including Davy Crockett’s father where over 1100 Loyalist were all either killed or captured?

What county seal displays the instant a British soldier kills a pastor’s wife?

Which municipalities have been authorized by Congress to fly the Betsy Ross flag 24/7 and all have an illustration on their seals?

Which two municipalities were involved with the Great Chain across the Hudson River and have chain links on the seals?


There are over 200 stories of the Revolution by the local cities, towns, boroughs, villages and counties where the events occurred.  A rich mosaic not presented anywhere else.

All these questions are answered – along with many more you probably were not aware of and were not covered in school textbooks.

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